Yuri Volkov



Gender: Male

Height: 6ft 5

Race: Caucasian

Age: 25

Personality: Stupid/Tough/Brave

Home Station: Polis


Yuri was born 7 years before the bombs fell, he along with his mother and little sister were traveling in the metro when it all happened. They became residents of Dmitrovskaya and were so up until the day the deference’s failed and the station was overrun by mutants. Yuri watched as his family was torn apart by the beasts, from that day on he has dedicated his life to seeking out as many mutants as he can and putting an end to them.
Favoring melee weapons, especially hammers due to his stature, he crushes mutants with ease.
Yuri has since joined with Polis, as he believes they are the most noble faction and that he can put his skills to good use with them.

Yuri Volkov

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